How it all works…

There are approximately three stages for a project..


The process is simple. We reach out to you or you reach out to us. We agree via email or mobile or – if you’re lucky – in person to work together. Sometimes, we will help you form a strategy. You send us your project brief and we’ll accept it based on what we discussed in email or over the phone, then sign an agreement with you which includes legal stuff – like prices for work done. You sign this agreement and so do we, you send it to signed and pay 50% of the investment (deposit). The fun begins…


The whole process really starts with us asking the right questions and doing the right research. A longer call is common at this point. This stage is also where we may contact relevant individuals, do online and offline research, getting thorough about it all, before outline drafts are completed (by us). We can then further confirm the direction and discuss before going onto later stages. Further examples of the required end product from you will be VERY useful at this point. We then commence the first draft which will take up some time, I will send you this.


Finally, we start reworking the first draft to fine tune it and make sure all the bells and whistles are included i.e double-check grammar, spelling and punctuation. We may or may not need to do another final draft depending on how much needs changing as per our discussions (which will always be pleasant). You send the remaining 50% investment and I’ll send you the final versions of the work. You’re delighted and happy to spread the word about our services (if you want to)!


The power of web copywriting lies in its ability to engage both the reader and please search engines at the same time. Finding your target audience AND answering the questions running through their heads is key.

The copy on your website needs to be clear and concise. It should also create a relationship with the reader, show that you know what they want or need (*often think that they need), and make it easy for them.

Visitors often start with “What’s in it for me?”


No time, no incentive or no clue where to start when it comes to what to post or blog about?

With the world changing at a rapid pace, it’s hard to keep up with all of your social media posts and content. You might be wondering how you’ll ever find enough time for everything that needs doing!

The answer: freelance SEO writing services will help take care, making these little tasks so YOU can focus on what really matters – running an amazing business.


Mistakes happen. Let us find them for you, and make sure your project is perfect before it’s immortalised.

We all know first impressions count. They last forever! When it comes to your writing, things are no different; mistakes and inconsistencies can affect the way audiences perceive your brand. Their confidence towards YOU- as an authority on whatever topic – can rapidly diminish.

When you’ve been working on something for a while, it can be easy to miss mistakes that are actually there. You might think what’s written sounds correct when in reality AutoCorrect has taken over and changed things around without you noticing!

What research involves

Thorough research is a vital part of writing good copy. The research skills, knowledge and experience of a great freelance copywriter help to really improve selling success. When coupled with an understanding of your target audience it can magically improve how strong your finished content is.

The copywriter’s art form is knowing just the right words to get your message across. It takes research and creativity. The best copywriters will write for all sorts of industries once they have experience, since they can apply what they know and their research across fields – this is quite a lot easier if the subject isn’t complicated. Often they’ll have a field that they’re familiar enough with to be considered an expert. These are industries where they can work better than any other copywriter.

  • Product Research
  • PAS
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Feedback
  • TOV & Brand Guidelines
  • Website/USP
  • (Current) Marketing and trends
  • Other channels
  • What they may not have considered
  • Future Plans
  • SEO and SEO intent
  • Surveys
  • Interview
  • …and quite often, a whole lot more!

Read the rest of this piece about what copywriting research involves, here.

What copywriting involves

Copywriters are the unsung heroes of marketing, constantly working on coming up with clever phrases that will boost sales. They’re an integral part in making sure your message really stands out and gets delivered to prospective clients or customers.

Congratulations! You’ve come to the right place if you want learn about what a copywriter does and how they work. This is because we am going tell all of our readers about this fascinating profession- marketing through writing words. Prose that will definitely get people excited or interested enough to take further action such as purchasing something from your catalogue – or even just clicking “watch”.

Many people assume that being a copywriter is the same as being a reporter or journalist. Or that it involves copyrights.

None of that is true.

So, what is copywriting?

Copywriters are artists of words. They create captivating copy for everything from TV commercials to brochures and books, intending not just to inform but also entice their readers with every sentence they write.

Copywriting is the art of writing text to promote a business, person, service, product, or idea. A copywriter writes content intending to persuade the reader to take a particular action.

There are many ways to convey your brand’s values and identity, but everything should be underpinned by an engaging tone of voice – one that is right in the context of your business. Your words have the power not only establish connection with customers on a personal level- they can also show that you care about them, making them much more likely to buy from or work with you. This makes reaching your business goals that much easier. What is copywriting? The ticket to success could be a very accurate description.

What collaboration involves

For clients to reach their goals it’s in our interest to make sure that processes are planned well and that communication is crisp.

Teamwork is the key to great projects. Effective delivery is the result of proactive, responsive and engaged stakeholders and clients who understand the value of sensational copy.

Depending on the needs of a project we may need to have lengthy phone calls and/or team interviews. We may need to get some information from you – that should be sent within 48 hours from the request for it. We may need to get an answer from you via phone call, whereby it’s not unreasonable to expect you to answer it or return a message in a reasonable timeframe.


We always up for learning about your industry…

Whether it’s personal coaching or mechanical engineering, we’ve worked within a range of sectors thus far, ping us whatever you need and we’ll let you know if we’re up to scratch.


You want to be able trust your copywriter. If you’re running a business, it’s even more crucial that the work is done right and to schedule so as not to lose customers or money. That being said, if we are hired for talent rather than any other reason then we will have an excellent collaboration with high ROI, which leads us into our next point: By taking action today and by contacting us about working together you could on be days away from changing the trajectory of your business.


You deserve the best. That’s why we write for you. In a world where everything seems to be written for the sake of it, it is refreshing to have copy that helps you actually make progress towards your goals. When we work with clients on their websites or marketing campaigns, they tell us that what makes them stand out from the competition and we’re able to express that in ways that they haven’t thought of. Our flair for storytelling unmatched anywhere else.


When you hire us, we promise to give your project my full attention. You can expect high ethical standards and a fair partnership. We work in a logical way, with heaps of research behind bigger projects.

Anthony is great. I’ve worked with him for so many hours and he always delivers. His work is usually insightful, creative and has depth at the same time meeting the briefs set. I’m more than happy to recommend him for your next project.

— Myles Jensen, co-founder, Jensen and Jensen

“I am pleased to say that he [Anthony] is hardworking, honest and punctual. He shows initiative, demonstrates integrity and achieves agreed tasks. He is easy going, interested in people, has a good sense of humour and a positive outlook. A pleasure to work with for long tasks.

— Karen Waite, Founder, Leap Like A Salmon