Gauss Gang


Whitepaper Rewrite+ Edit

Type of Project: Editing + Proofreading

Gary Paul Jr., the CEO of GaussGang – got in touch because he needed to improve the Litepaper for the service he and his team created – a tokenized ecosystem – custom-built cryptocurrency tokens for large companies, along with a cryptocurrency for the GaussGang business itself.

We gave several options for each section of the Litepaper, so that the team could mix and match styles and get a greater understanding of the direction they wanted to go in. We did each section several times over, and from initial feedback eventually finalised the copy that would go into the Litepaper.

Whitepapers are a critical function in a lot of crypto launches and therefore they are a game-changing and many times a life changing copy format. Successful cryptocurrencies are literally gold dust, sometimes. Our collaboration looks set to continue as of the moment.

Client Description:

The Gauss ecosystem is a frontrunner regarding token design. End users of the created brand tokes will be able to connect with the brand on a deeper level. Gauss is creating a unified experience for users to engage with brands and brands to engage with their audience. The core Gauss service is token design for brands of a variety of sizes as these brands don’t have the in-house expertise or processes to be able to efficiently and effectively develop tokens. Gauss enables brands to create tokens by collaborating with the team, then launch them into a powerful ecosystem complete with broad and deep functionality.

A tokenized ecosystem to serve the evolving needs of any brand.

Project Duration:

Less than a week


August-September 2021, Georgia, USA HQ