There are more than 8, but it’s a good start!

8 Benefits of hiring a copywriter

1. Make more money

99% of the time working with a specialist who’s a writing expert will bring in more money. I know how to write in a way that’ll make more people buy your product or service. Actually, I’m certified to make you money. ​

2. Save your employees and your own time

Often there isn’t time for a busy entrepreneur or business owner to pay enough attention to writing  everything for their business. Employees are busy with their duties. I have the time to work on your project single-mindedly and do a thorough job which is more effective than having just anyone working on your copywriting projects.

3. Present quality content to your audience
​It’s common for the copy produced by your business to be the first interaction a prospect has with your business. Therefore, it’s critical that you hit a home run with your first impression. Quality can not be compromised.
4. Discover and develop new markets

Testing copy and trying out different channels to promote your services and products can change how your business operates. It can help you identify markets that you hadn’t considered. 

5.Beat your competitors 

​If your product or service is not presented in a positive or powerful way, your competitors will leave you in the dust. Strong marketing campaigns can turn your business around and take you to the top.

6. An objective opinion and business advice

Copywriting is more than just words on a screen or information in a brochure. Copywriters help you understand your business and market. I can usually suggest ways to improve your business from my research.

7. Save money and waste less resources

Several marketing channels are extremely hard to monitor effectively. Many times large and small businesses alike waste money on ‘vanity’ marketing campaigns. I regularly work on projects where ROI is easier to track than the aforementioned channels. This is especially the case with direct response copy.

8. Change perceptions…it’s more powerful than you probably realise

History has been and is written by copywriters. Think political speeches, movies, ideologies, movements, the brands you know and love. Copywriting is the medium by which perceptions change. Imagine how powerful that is. Keep that thought! That’s why it can change the future of your business. 


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