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An Introduction

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Explosive success since the world turned upside down!

Writefully So Limited is a copywriting company. Born out of months of experimentation. Partnering with both widely known clients and those looking to establish their marketing foothold. The business boomed after the second launch (just a few weeks prior to the pandemic lockdown) just prior to spring 2020 and continues its ascent. 2021 marked a turning point where business had accelerated to the point where becoming a Limited Company became feasible (Sep 2021). As the founder, Anthony provides copy, content and proofreading in English at native-speaker level for both UK and international clients across many sectors; including industrial, software, finance, engineering and marketing. Many countries; UK, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and beyond. And many formats; email, promotional, blogs, website copy, video scripts, sales letters, and more.

Who is behind Writefully So Limited?

A creator

Ideas are fundamental to good copywriting and as we’re widely read on non-fiction topics such as economics, philosophy and business, we have mental resources of which we can pull out unique ideas that give copy an extra sparkle, it also means we become somewhat business advisers, helping you to find your USP.

A marketing strategist

We have previous experience (2yrs) working with an EdTech Startup in a digital marketing capacity as well as numerous projects of my own. Anthony once owned a (Shopify) Ecommerce unisex luxury fashion store.

A psychologist

By nature copywriting involves identifying with an audience and then creating compelling copy that encourages certain actions and buy-in from them. When working with us there will be invaluable lessons gleaned from just being exposed to the deep rationale behind copy, such as emotional appeal.

A performer

We have a track record of delivering crisp copy to clients and we’re real doers. If we say we will do something we will or we will try dying. To date, Anthony hasn’t missed a ‘hard’ deadline.

We help companies sell their products and services using the powerful triad of words (“copy”), psychology and my background in digital marketing. The copy improves websites, raising conversions, engagement and interest in your offering while helping you to appeal to better clients, more customers and in more ways. This saves you money, time and effort that you would have to spend on such things so that you can focus on what matters to you.

Anthony: A track record in digital…

The BOSS at Writefully So Limited
Leveraging the knowledge from my previous work experience and roles, I’ve been able to establish and grow a freelance copywriting company from around the time when the coronavirus pandemic started. It looks like it will have healthy years ahead of it and significantly more team members as time passes…

Digital Marketing Generalist at Leap Like A Salmon (2017 – 2019) EDTECH SUITE ‘CPD HUB’
After impressing the founder of Leap Like A Salmon due to my ingenuity, leadership and problem-solving abilities, when on a Software Testing/Business Analysis bootcamp, I got hired. Over the course of between 18-24 months I assisted the small business with all manner of digital marketing tasks, skill which I taught myself in my own projects. Copy and content were significant parts of this. As 2019 drew to a close, I decided to explore freelance copywriting.

Ecommerce Store Founder at TONYE
I created a Shopify store, when I had to leave higher education due to life-crippling illness. I thought that if I built it ‘they will come’. I learned that wasn’t the case, and so my love of digital marketing was born! In a matter of weeks I was able to turnover thousands of pounds. But, I stopped the shop abruptly – it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Blogger at Bargainfo
A short-lived blog looking at topical geopolitics, economics, philosophy and Europe topics. Sparked discussion and at one point came up with a plan to collate news tailored to users and offer that as a subscription.

Experience + Expertise

A Swiss army knife…

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