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“I’ve worked with Anthony since he got in contact via LinkedIn. He’s reliable, sensitive to my business needs and (almost dangerously) creative. My hands are always full with all sorts of tasks but Anthony has the initiative to complete the tasks set in briefs to a high standard -without needing any supervision- while infusing a distinctive twist. I’m glad that he found me.”

— Claire Hovey, Director and Copywriter, Copy & TV

8 years in digital
3 years copywriting
It’s a kind of magic.


Writefully So Limited?

Anthony Clayton, Copywriter

From Leeds, and with a mastery of copywriting, we help you sell your products and services using the powerful triad of words (“copy”), psychology and my background in digital marketing. The copy you get improves websites, raises onsite conversions, engagement and interest in your offering while helping you to appeal to better clients. This saves you the money, time and effort so you can focus on what matters to you.

An Introduction

Writefully So Limited is a copywriting company. It was born out of months of experimenting with writing techniques and has since partnered with both widely known clients and those looking to establish their marketing foothold. The business boomed after the second launch (just a few weeks prior to the pandemic lockdown) in spring 2020 and continues its ascent. Writefully So Limited provide copy, content and proofreading in English at the native-speaker level – for both UK and international clients. This spans many sectors; including industrial, software, finance, engineering and marketing.


Imagine a world where whatever you offer is so enticing and alluring, that audiences transform into customers without fail. A depiction with no wrong turns or confusing road signs – just a smoothly paved pavement leapfrogging you to a euphoric destination: success!


Your story is unique, and so are you. Let us help build your digital personality by adding depth to the stories and topics that make up your brand. Heck, we can even evince them from you, too. Be closer than ever before to your audience. Don’t worry about your marketing efforts going unnoticed anymore.


Proofreading is often the forgotten step in the copywriting process. Whether you want your copy edited for errors, or just need an expert eye exercised over what’s been written, we’re ready for it. Not all copywriters do their own proofreading so it’s something to bear in mind when finding your expert.

What collaborators say

Anthony is great. I’ve worked with him for so many hours and he always delivers. His work is usually insightful, creative and has depth at the same time meeting the briefs set. I’m more than happy to recommend him for your next project.

— Myles Jensen, co-founder, Jensen and Jensen

“I am pleased to say that he [Anthony] is hardworking, honest and punctual. He shows initiative, demonstrates integrity and achieves agreed tasks. He is easy going, interested in people, has a good sense of humour and a positive outlook. A pleasure to work with for long tasks.

— Karen Waite, Founder, Leap Like A Salmon

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